Easy Applicator

Screen protectors are an invaluable phone accessory but, they can also be difficult to apply. With places to be and people to see, we don’t want you to waste time trying to apply your ‘ForeverGlass’.

Introducing the Gonzo Guardz Easy Applicator!

With this ingenious but, super simple gadget, you can banish bubbles, destroy dust and say goodbye to the thankless task of aligning the glass to your screen.

The Gonzo Guardz Easy Applicator kit includes:

  • A dry cleaning wipe
  • A wet cleaning wipe
  • A dust cloth
  • A dust sticker
  • Re-install sticker
  • Scratch card
  • Unique Gonzo Guardz Easy Applicator frame
  • ‘Go to Guide’ on installation
Please note: The Easy Applicator is an exclusive fit to ForeverGlass so, please be advised that the Easy Applicator may not be compatible with other glass manufacturer products when fitting screen protection to your phone screen.