ForeverGlass is made of the highest quality tempered glass. When combined, the individual layers provide maximum scratch protection and crystal clear access to your device without impacting the sensitivity of your touchscreen. If you really want to get technical, tempered glass is rated on a scale from 1 to 10 where regular glass is a 5 and diamonds are a 10. True 9H tempered glass (where the “H” stands for hardness) is the standard for the best glass on the market. 

All six layers combined are only 0.33mm thick. A silicone layer to absorb shocks sits below a plastic screen protector which is under the Asahi tempered glass imported from Japan. On the top layer, we’ve added an oleophobic coating to keep things smooth and fingerprint free. If you accidentally drop your phone, the silicon layer absorbs the shock and then distributes the energy over the surface of the 9H tempered glass protector. This helps to minimize the damage to your phone’s screen.  

ForeverGlass resists scratches, and you get superb clarity for months and months. Our protector will also maintain your touchscreen’s sensitivity and smoothness as if you are using your phone without any screen protection. Lastly, ForeverGlass is a flat glass (no coverage on the curved edge of iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6/6s or 6/6s Plus) so that you can use a case without any interference. (Some full coverage tempered glass from other major brands are not compatible with a case.) 

To give you a better experience with our products, we're offering you four package types for your choice. Please see below for details.

What we wish to do is to build a Gonzo WorldForeverGlass is just the beginning. Tempered glass is our first product. We have many other items under development that we will be introducing soon. Be prepared to witness a wave of consumer revolutions in the near future. The Gonzo Guardzbrand promises you the best quality products at the lowest prices, and of course Unlimited Lifetime WaRRRanty program that will, one day, shake up the world’s gadget industry!