Gonzo Guardz ForeverGlass Exclusive Welcome Offer for Arrture Members



  1. “Gonzo Guardz ForeverGlass Exclusive Welcome Offer for Arrture Members” is a promotional initiative of Arrture Loyalty Programme (“Arrture”) which is a limited time offer (“WelcomeOffer”) run as a short-term programme (“Programme”) applicable for all valid members of Arrture (“Arrture Member”). 
  2. The Welcome Offer is valid from 1 Dec 2016 to 31 December 2018 inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
  3. The Arrture Member accepts and agrees to be bound by all Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions, and agrees to by bound by all corresponding terms and conditions and privacy policies of both Arrture and Gonzo Guardz by participating in the Programme.
  4. Each Arrture Member is entitled to enjoy this offer ONCE only.   The Welcome Offer is non-transferrable. 
  5. Arrture Member must quote the specific offer code (“Offer Code”) upon checkout to enjoy this Welcome Offer.
  6. The Welcome Offer is only available from the official “Exclusive Welcome Offer for Arrture Members” website (the “Landing Page”) maintained by Gonzo Guardz.  Orders made via other sites, links or methods are not eligible for this Offer.  Arrture Members who have not registered for this Programme on the Landing Page are not eligible to enjoy the Welcome Offer.
  7. The Welcome Offer is subject to stock availability.  First come first served.  Although efforts have been made to make the Welcome Offer available during the said Promotional Period, Gonzo Guardz has the discretion to discontinue this Welcome Offer momentarily based on the product availability situation and fulfilment logistics.  
  8. All illustrations are artist impressions and the related descriptions may or may not resemble the actual product.  Any mobile devices illustrated are not included.
  9. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotional offers by Gonzo Guardz.
  10. This Welcome Offer gives no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or points or credits of any kind or any other services.
  11. This offer and the Lifetime Replacement and Upgrade Warranty (the “Warranty”) by Gonzo Guardz is given to Arrture members who have given consent to Gonzo Guardz to register as its member according to the corresponding Terms of Conditions.  Arrture is not liable to any claims from Arrture Members on risks related to provision of their personal data for delivery and/or for warranty registration purposes.
  12. Gonzo Guardz is solely responsible for all products and/or services offered to the Member.  The Member agrees to use the products and/or services at his own risk, subject to any additional terms, conditions and restrictions imposed by Gonzo Guardz.  Arrture is not the provider of any of these products and/or services and makes no representation or warranty in relation to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, suitability for user's purposes, infringment of third party rights and/or system security of Gonzo Guardz, and on any potential or actual infringement of any third party's rights.
  13. The availability of this Welcome Offer is at the sole discretion of Arrture and Gonzo Guardz.  Both Arrture and Gonzo Guardz reserve the right to change any terms and conditions contained in the Welcome Offer or to terminate the Welcome offer at any time without prior notice.  Any changes to these Terms and Conditions shall be effective as of the date of publication on the Landing Page.  Neither Arrture nor Gonzo Guardz shall hold responsibility for notifying the Arrture Member any changes to Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions.  To the extent permitted by law, Arrture and Gonzo Guardz disclaim liability from all losses and damages resulting from any such changes in Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions.  
  14. If there is any dispute on order acceptance and/or fulfilment, the decision of Gonzo Guardz shall be final. 
  1. Any information provided by the member pursuant to the use of this offer shall be subject to the provisions of Arrture Privacy Policy as well as the applicable Privacy Policies of GonzoGuardz.