Join the Revolution!

Our smartphones travel with us in our back pockets, at the bottom of handbags and balanced in our hands; if you're a compulsive screen checker, you probably swipe, tap or touch your phone screen over 5,427 times a day. With so much use, it’s no surprise that over 50% of us have watched our daring device make a leap for freedom to the floor!
When the damage has been done to your phone screen, you could do without a matching dent to your bank balance. Does it have to be so expensive?
We don’t think so.
We are offering rock bottom prices, high quality tempered glass products and the most relaxed warranty policy possible. Our unlimited lifetime warranty means you get forever glass, free, forever.
Sound too good to be true?
The best way to say this is to be direct. Most major screen protection brands in the market today are over-priced because they involve too many people, too many production lines and too much pomp. Simply put, we’re missing out the middle man, throwing out tradition and selling direct to you. With less time spent on production, we have more time to focus on people.
We want to start a revolution for you as a customer so, be prepared to be a part of the Gonzo Wave!