Our People

Want to learn a little more about the characters behind the scenes at Gonzo Guardz?

Meet Marcel, he’s the man with the plan, responsible for strategy and developing new ideas.

Marcel is a keen cyclist, snowboarder and beach lover with a love for all things tech. Having been educated in Canada and Australia, he loves traveling and is always on the look-out for local and traditional culture.

Our lightbulb moments are mostly powered by Sebastian, who looks after Gonzo Guardz product development.

Sebastian is the definition of trendsetter with a collection of over 100 sneakers; when Sebastian is in the office, it often feels like fashion week! Most weekends he can be found in front of a big screen watching F1 Racing showing support for Ferrari.

Eric keeps the Gonzo Guardz wheels in motion, overseeing all production and operational matters.

Eric is a secret rock star at heart who loves football and is a passionate Manchester United fan. He is also our resident wine concessioner and regularly gives us top tips on which tipples to try.

Big cheese on the scene is Charlie. He is the boss of the team and co-ordinates all departments activities.

Charlie loves cycling and often hops onto his bike to make his way around our facility. When he’s not peddling, he can often be found paddling at the staff ping-pong table, teaching people a trick or two!

Jack is our facts and figures fountain of knowledge, looking after all our stats whilst, making sure we’re at the cutting edge with latest technology trends.

Jack loves hiking and has scaled some of the largest peaks across the world. Raising money for charities close to his heart takes up a lot of his free time and last year he completed a challenging charity hike in Europe!

Digital devotee Lucy is our social media guru who loves helping build the Gonzo community

Lucy’s passions include good food, keeping fit and photography. She also has a keen interest in environmental matters affecting the world today and in the future.