Our Products

Most of us have suffered that sinking feeling when you realize that your phone screen has lost its battle against the kitchen floor, your back pocket or car-park concrete. In a world where our phones act as our connection to our favorite people and the places we love, we’ve created the next generation of screen protection, so that you can pay less to live more!

Our screen protectors are made of the highest quality tempered glass available and we’ve coined the term ‘ForeverGlass’ to show you just how confident we are in our product.

  • Our screen protectors use 6 layers of ‘ForeverGlass’, which provides maximum scratch protection and minimum interference with the quality of what you see on your screen
  • Our glass is super slim, so you can still text, talk and take photos without your screen protector impacting the sensitivity of your touch features
  • Phone slipped from your hand mid-selfie? Don’t panic, a silicone layer sits beneath our screen protectors to help absorb shocks and minimize damage to your phone
  • Plus, thank to our oleophobic coating, you can keep things fingerprint free!

Sounds good, right? Well, it doesn’t end there because there’s another awesome reason why we call our product ‘ForeverGlass’. Our customers are the most important people to us and we want you to stick around! We offer unlimited lifetime warranty on all our products so, you don’t have to search for screen protection. Here’s how it works:

REPLACE – If your screen protector doesn’t manage to make it through Friday night’s antics or you suffer a slow-motion moment watching your phone fall to the floor, we will replace your ‘ForeverGlass’ for you. Simply log in to your account and tell us what you need! We’ll send you a free replacement piece of ‘ForeverGlass’, all you pay for is P&P.

REFRESH – We know that technology trends move fast so, if you upgrade or change your phone model, log in to your account and let us know which new phone you’ve got your hands on (we’ll try not to get too jealous!) We’ll then send you a free replacement piece of ‘ForeverGlass’, all you pay is P&P.

REPEAT – As an unlimited lifetime warranty member, you are welcome to UNLIMITED replacements and UNLIMITED renewals, so whether you’re a little on the clumsy side or a dedicated follower of all things tech, you can replace and renew your phone protector as many times as you need to. All we ask is that you limit your request to one phone model, per order. Again, all you pay for is P&P.

If you’re ready for your phone screen to conquer concrete and beyond, become a member now!