WaRRRanty: ForeverGlass For Apple iPhone 6S / 6


Package Option

Four Packages For Your Choice
A = ForeverGlass X 1, WaRRRanty X 1
B = ForeverGlass x 2, WaRRRanty X 1
C = ForeverGlass X 1, WaRRRanty X 1, Easy Applicator X 1 
D = ForeverGlass X 2 ,WaRRRanty X 1, Easy Applicator X 1  

For details of Package and ForeverGlass, please check this page.

Shipping and Handling Fee
Standard Shipping & Handling Fee: 4.99 USD, speed post also provided for selection in the checkout page.

*Customer can only purchase one package per order 

Type: ForeverGlass